DATE: Fri 06 October 23

School Calendar 2023-2024

Term 1

School Reopens: Wednesday 30th August 2023

Mid-term Break: Monday 30th October - Friday 3rd November  

Christmas Holidays: School closes on Friday 22nd December

Term 2 

School reopens: Monday 8th January 2024

St. Brigid's Day Public Holiday: Monday 5th February 

Mid-term Break: Thursday 15th & Friday 16th February

St. Patrick's Day Public Holiday: Monday 18th March

Easter Holidays: School closes on Friday 22nd March

Term 2 may be extended to Wednesday 27th March in the event of unforeseen closures

Term 3

School reopens Monday 8th April

Discretionary Closure: Friday 3rd May

May Public Holiday:  Monday 6th May

Discretionary Closure:  Friday 31st May

June Public Holiday:  Monday 3rd June

Summer Holidays:  School closes on Tuesday 25th June  

DATE: Fri 06 October 23

Confirmation Ceremonies 2023-24

Confirmation: Friday 12th April 2024 @ 2p.m. in Fieldstown Church

DATE: Fri 06 October 23

First Holy Communion Ceremonies 2023-24

First Communion: Saturday 18th May @ 11a.m. in Fieldstown Church

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